Static Power Conditioner


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20 milliseconds – That will impact your business!

20 milliseconds is the maximum time you get to control this vagaries/volatility and convert bad power quality into precision power, confirming to ITIC Curve for electronics.Only TSI VRP an offering from COMPACT, based on PWM regulation and sage control technology, delivers this performance in 20 milliseconds.

SPC assures seamless operation of electronic machines by providing purest power through continuous pulse width modulation (PWM) switching of a buck-boost transformer using a converter engine.

The high frequency insulated gate bi-polar transistor ( IGBT) driven converter engine takes the incoming AC power, measures against the nominal voltage and adds or subtracts voltage 20,000 times per second, to achieve real-time compensation of voltage disturbances, sags or swell. All this is achieved within 20 milliseconds through seamless PWM compensation of voltage so that all voltage disturbances are corrected within ITIC CURVE for flawless operation of electronics.

The legacy SERVO stabilisers are not capable of controlling sags and in fact end up creating a high voltage surges immediately after voltage sag. SPC is suitable for all kinds of loads especially the best in class in handling reverse energy situation. There are no moving parts inside making it highly reliable and suitable to handle all kinds of loads including inductive,capacitive and linear loads. Available from 5 – 300 kva.

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