ENTERPRISE YD Series – Vertical Modular Topology


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COMPACT ENTERPRISE YD SERIES – 3 PHASE range is built with IGBT converter that offers 0.99 input power factor correction and THDI (input current harmonics at less than 3%). Pure DSP ( digital signal processing) made design ensures faster sampling and processing of various data related to voltage,current,frequency etc. – thus delivering better and accurate control of UPS output and delivering flawless and reliable performance. With an ultra-wide input window (208-478), you may actually never get to use the batteries but for a complete power outage. YD offers pure RAS (reliability/availability/scalability) to take care of the ever increasing demands of data centres and server farms. Flexible DC bus configuration, Paralleling UPSs to accommodate expansion or to build redundancy, smaller foot print, remote monitoring and control through SNMP / MODBUS option/ EPO (emergency power off) to take care of abnormal situations and with very high MTBF (mean time between failures) has made many customers to opt for COMPACT YD SERIES for their mission critical applications that includes DATA CENTRES, SERVER FARMS, NOC, STORAGE and some mission critical medical equipment. Available from 10-80 kva.

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