The dawning of the Information age has seen merging applications of electronic and communication technology in every aspect of human life. This phenomenon has brought profound changes in our society at large and our day to day life. The computer revolution has led to exponential growth of the distributed processing and one does not know where will these networks end. To meet the growing and ever changing needs in the information technology, the technology also has to keep pace with the same. The demand on the power sector has also grown multifold. Day in day out the power situation worldwide is deteriorating due to the increasing gap between the demand and supply.

The user is increasingly finding it hard to cope up with the growing problems in the input raw power supply being made available to him by the utility power companies- as a result : Confusion reigns.

This has augmented the need for computer protection in the hands of the user and the suppliers. With too many people demanding and offering protection for the systems, confusion prevails. Everybody has his own concepts of protections and these have moved from protection from one room to protection in a box for each node on the network.

There are no simple answers to your power problems as every situation is unique and the protections required also vary from one situation to the other. To be able to reach a solution to protect your mission critical applications from these hazards, the user will have to depend on the expertise of an organization that knows and understands the power situations in our environment the best. An organization that works out the total power solutions for your requirements and does not deliver just box solutions.

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