TITAN HU Technical Specification
Compact UPS is a quality product from Compact Systems Pvt. Ltd. CSPL, one of the India's leading power solution company. These inline models use the latest technology, undergo strict quality control. Our 21 years experience in providing solutions that meet the Indian power conditions ensure that you get a UPS that promises complete value for money.
Technical Specifications
Output waveform
Models 600 VA-1.4 KVA
Inverter Mode
Undervoltage cut off
Over voltage cut off
UPS Mode
Undervoltage cut off
Over voltage cut off
110V +/- 10V
285V +/- 10V
180V +/- 5V
260V +/- 5V
On battery
On mains
Frequency on battery
Frequency on mains
Overload alarms start at load
No. of times UPS will turn On & off before dropping the load
Over load protection
Switch over time
Total no. of outlets
Cold start
220V +/- 6%
same as input
50Hz +/- 0.1Hz
same as input
80% of rated load
On battery: internal current limiting, On mains: Fuse protection
10-12 ms
1 No. Multi type 5 & 15 Amp socket
DC bus voltage
Battery(Ah) max
Battery low alarm
Battery low cutoff voltage
Float charging voltage
a. Low charge mode
b. High charge mode
Boost charging voltage
Charger capacity
a. Low charge mode
b. High charge mode
Refer to model
Lead acid battery
10.60V +/- 0.2V per battery
10.60V +/- 0.2V per battery
13.5V per battery
13.8V per battery
14.1V per battery
8A +/- 1A
10A +/- 1A
Battery deep discharge
Communications & Management
Visual Indicator
Audible alarms
Online/Charger, On battery, Low battery & Over load
On battery, Low battery, Over load, Fault, Cold start
Operating temperature
Operating Humidity
Storage temperature
Storage Himidity
0 - 50 Celsius
-10 Celsius to 70 Celsius
0-95% non-condensing
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