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In-Line UPS 
  1. Cold Boot: Machine boots even without main power. (Battery should be fully charged for this feature to work properly)

  2. Night Charging: batteries are charged even when UPS is off.
    Should have clear defined power factor preferably 0.65-0.70 (example: 1000 VA with 0.7 PF will be 700 watts)

  3. Look for the Wattage not for VA

  4. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator): to regulate input and output voltages (uses two boost and one buck)

  5. Wide Voltage Input:UPS should be able to regulate voltages between 150-270 Volts.

  6. Output Voltage should be within 220 +/- 10% (otherwise computer power supply can malfunction)

  7. PCB used in UPS should either have Black Oxidation or Gold

  8. Flash for longer life of UPS.

  9. Relays used in AVR should be of standard make like Takamisawa or Good Sky.


Line Interactive UPS 
  1. Wide Voltage Input Range (130-280V): Highly suitable for areas with unstable power conditions ( rural India), saves drainage of batteries increasing battery life and enhancing performance

  2. Double Sided Black Oxidised PCB: Prevents corrosion, increases reliability.

  3. Look for the Wattage not for VA

  4. 5 Relay AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator): to regulate input and output voltages (uses two boost and one buck)

  5. 3 LED Display:Gives better understanding of UPS status.


On-Line UPS 


  1. Should be IGBT based that are highly reliable. IGBT has low conducting voltage, high current carrying capacity, high switching frequency and low losses.

  2. Intelligent Triple / Double Conversion Technology (Latest Technology)

  3. Site Wiring Fault Indicator : Can detect earth neutral and phase reversal problems and hence protects large networks from damage.

  4. Large Format LCD Display : 32 character LCD display helps in showing useful information and ease of configuration.

  5. Detailed Historical Log : can help in analyzing abnormal power condition so customer can get a better understanding of his/her power environment.

  6. Self Diagnosis : Intelligent Microprocessor helps UPS to check its health on specified intervals.

  7. Pure Sine-Wave Output : with less that 3% harmonic distortion under linear load and less than 5% under computer load..

  8. Overload and Short Circuit Protection: to protect high value IT infrastructure.

  9. SNMP compatible : so that UPS can be easily managed through a network.

  10. Remote Management: Automatic monitoring and unattended shutdown software whose functions include scheduling of boot up and shutdown.

    Should have clear defined power factor preferably 0.8

    Automatic Static Bypass Switch.




- Double Conversion On-Line UPS

Executive Summary


COMPACT PowerOn's sophisticated double conversion design continually regenerates utility power to provide the ultimate in power protection:
   Stabilizes Voltages and frequencies
   Isolates Valuable equipment against harmful power disturbances               
- External Battery Banks
- Special Extended runtime Versions Of Power On
- True RS232 Communications Interface Port Saves important data
- Remote Management
- SNMP Compatible (optional)
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Enterprise UPS

Executive Summary
Motorola Microprocessor control raises the reliability of machine while reducing size and lowering the defective rate.
Unique bypass switch off function. After switching off the machine to BYPASS mode, users can further switch off the BYPASS. At the same time, the batteries will keep charging from mains. The function will guarantee batteries are always enough power on standby, and the connecting network will not be affected by mains voltage fluctuation and power problems.
Improved LED indicators on front panel- show both LOAD capacity and BATTERY capacity, giving ease in understanding different status.
Use automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC) design, coupled with the latest IGBT power component, to create highly effective high-frequency online UPS, which can be more than 90% full load to minimize inside power consumption
RS-232 communication port is adopted. Connecting to our power management software, on-screen monitoring of status of power supply and UPS is available.
Sealed Lead-Acid maintenance-free battery maximizes battery life and optional battery bank extends backup time.
The output voltage selection. Users can choose any one of four output voltage: 208V, 220V, 230V and 240V.
Automatic detection. When the UPS is powered on, it immediately performs an inspection of the components such as the inverter the battery as well as the load UPS Designed for Low voltage conditions

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