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Technical Specifications 
COMPACT UPS is a quality product from Compact Systems Pvt Ltd. (CSPL), one of India's leading power solution company. These Online models use the latest technology, undergo strict quality control. Our over 17 Years experience in providing solutions that meet the Indian Power conditions ensure that you get a UPS that promises complete value for money.    
Model No. H3000/4000/
H6000 H8000/H010/H015 H020/H040


Intel microprocessor-controlled fully Intelligent Double Conversion On-Line

VA Rating 3000/4000/5000 6000 8000/10K/15K 20K/40K
Watt Rating 2400/3200/4000 4800 6400/8000/12K 16K/32K


  230V+20/ -20%1-phase
220, 230;+20/-20%
 240V+15/ -25%240V+15/ -25%3-phase
380/220V +20/-20%
Single phase: L-N+G or split phase: L-N-L+G3-phase: Y connection + ground

50 Hz +/- 5% tracking range

Voltage (on Battery) Single or split phase; voltage same as input nominal; Single phase 220, 230, or 240V related to input
Regulation +/- 2% upon changes of line or load; with +/- 10% adjustable range
Frequency 50 Hz +/- 0.5% (free-running)
Waveform Pure sinewave; THD < 3% at linear load; < 5% at 0.7 p.f. load
Transient Under full load change, recover within 100 milliseconds
Synchronization  1Hz/sec. slew rate; Inverter Hz free running when I/P Hz over +/-5%
Crest factor

Better than 3:1

BATTERY Lead-acid maintenance-free (SMF)
12/7AH 16 pcs12V/7AH 16 pcs12V/17AH 16 pcs
Runtime  (typical)
40/28/20 minutes    15 minutes  26/20 minutes
Recharge to 90%

Within 8 hours 

STATIC SWITCH Hybrid (triac + relay) type with  current-limited inrush protection
Auto Mode  Active when inverter voltage over +/-10% range, inrush overload, over temperature; Auto resume
Manual Mode Push control keyboard to manually transfer from inverter to bypass and vice versa
Transfer Time

4 milliseconds max.

General Microprocessor monitors, controls, and displays System operation status, operation history, and ten alarm messages
Control Keys  8 keys to manipulate; 1. Control on/off of AC input or system; bypass loop activation 2. Display operating status & Data 3. Setting of system parameters 4. Alarm silence
LCD Display Two line 32 character alphanumerical display provides
1. System operating status (auto display). 2. Data such as O/P Volt., Amp., etc.
LED Display  Utility; On Battery; Inverter O/P; Overload; System Fault; Weak Battery; Out of Sync.
Signals Provides both serial signal for UPS software & contact closure signal for Novell/AS400 application
Application  Contact closure signal provides signal of UPS on/bypass/power failure/low battery
Overload 120% 30 mins.; 150% 25 secs.
Short-circuit Cut off outputs of both inverter & bypass, never trips house breaker
Thermal Internal thermal switch to protect from over-temperature, then transfer to bypass loop
Circuit Breaker Protect AC input & battery loops
EMI Filter 10-100Khz at 40dB; 100Khz-100Mhz at 70dB
Dimensions (mm:WxDxH)
Net Weight (Kgs Approx.)
Connection  Hard-wiring for both input and output
Acoustic Noise

0-40 degrees C, 0-90% RH non-condensing

1. Intelligent UPS Software Package: consult your distributor for details
2. Long Runtime Models: as per table on previous page
3. Input Isolation Transformer for Universal Input Voltage Selection

Dimensions of cabinets subject to change. The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

All trademarks mentioned are the properties of their respective owners. *12/15/20KVA requires additional battery bank.
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