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Our endeavor is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through need based solutions and reliable after sales service. Our commitment to customers goes beyond promising a state-of-the-art and totally reliable product.
We strive to ensure that our products continue to meet the demands of the future. We combine latest technologies available worldwide with our knowledge, understanding of the Indian power conditioning requirements to provide solutions that are customer centric.

We voluntarily undertake power audit for our customers, to assess the real facts of the site instead of having preconceived notions of the power conditions. This enables the customers to take preventive action for their equipment in advance. An audit typically is done pre-installation, post-installation as also while site preparation and site rectification.

Understanding of the customer’s point of view regarding the transaction lifecycle & using this knowledge to identify areas where we can add significant value or improvement; we incorporate innovative & latest technologies, continuously upgrading our products thus ensuring value for money, at all times, to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

We source International Technology with proven track record in environments similar to ours.

·    Develop our own systems and software such as:
     1.      SMART SAVE a UPS monitoring utility.
     2.     UPS Fault Tolerance Switch  

Provide the customer a totally reliable product, which meets the demands of the future. We have continually upgraded our products to include sophisticated features like SNMP Manageability, Data Logging.

The worsening power scenario in India necessitates emphasis on product support & maintenance. After all, power-conditioning equipment is not just a matter of plugging in it has to continue to perform to customer expectations. No wonder, most of our sales tend to be repeat orders.





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