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The Online Series have three ranges
The Enterprise UPS Series includes sophisticated power manager of models 1KVA, 2KVA, 3KVA, 6KVA and 10 KVA. They comprise of high frequency, true online models  based on IGBT technology.

1000-10,000 VA
  • Compact Enterprise UPS protects hardware and data in networks and computer systems from voltage fluctuations and power problems: power failure, frequency variations, voltage amplitude variations, spikes, noise and other transients, sags and brownouts, voltage surges, and more.
  • When power problems occur, the batteries deliver the necessary power to the inverter. In overload or short-circuit conditions, the UPS automatically switches mains power directly through to the load to guarantee an un-presented level of power supply security.  
  • At times of no power failure, Enterprise Series UPS converts the mains AC voltage into DC voltage, which supplies batteries and an inverter with energy, so as to insure the data over the entire network. Therefore, the power used by the load is the purified sine wave via regulated voltage and regulated frequency with noisy signals filtered..
  • True on-line double conversion design. When the UPS is powered on, it immediately performs an inspection of the components such as the inverter the battery as well as the load, so as to detect any problem in time to avoid causing any negligence or loss. .
  • RS-232 communication interface enables direct on-screen monitoring of the status of power supply and UPS, so as to simplify the network management work and improve the reliability of computer system. .
  • Mercury series UPS systems are equipped with a SNMP slot to allow remote communication among various operation systems and remote monitoring of the UPS. .
  • Real-time alarm silencing function eliminates the unnecessary and annoying noises. .
  • Output short circuit protection.
  • Input over voltage and input frequency variation protection..
  • Auto restart and cold restart function.
  • Power factor correction improves the power efficiency

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The PowerOn rangestarts from  5 KVA capacity and goes right up to 25 KVA
  • Pure Sine wave Output
  • Intelligent Double Conversion
  • Large 32 character LCD display UPS operating status, 16 different abnormal conditions & 11 real time power measures.
  • Self Diagnosis.
  • Control from Front Panel/Remote Locations.
  • Advanced IGBT Technology.
  • Detailed historical log of operating actions and abnormal power conditions.
  • Intelligent battery monitoring (periodic battery testing and weak battery indication).
  • High compatibility with generators.
  • Automatic Static Bypass Switch capable of sustaining 300% rated current.
  • Smart overload & short circuit protection for utility/ inverter mode.
  • Site wiring fault indicator & control.
  • High inrush current handling capability.
  • Cold start function with full load connected.
  • True RS232 interface port.
  • Intelligent monitoring software for automatic system boot up and shut down, broadcasting warning messages on the network, logging and analyzing abnormal utility power conditions.
  • SNMP manageability option.
  • Option to support long run time applications( up to 8 hrs back up time).
  • Stylish ergonomic design.
  • Frequency converter function option.
  • Option for input Isolation Transformer for Universal Input Voltage applications.
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