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Support Network

We have our own offices in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Nagpur, Lucknow, Jaipur and a presence all over India through our channel partners & resellers.  
We have over 50 Channel Partners located throughout the country for on site, online product support & maintenance. Our Regional Customer Care Centres at Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya PradeshHaryana together with the Channel Partners and Resellers provide efficient back-up support.    
Support after warranty is provided on nominal AMC or case basis so that the customer spends minimum on maintenance cost and less total cost of ownership is ensured.


    Achievements - Partnering ITC in their E- Choupal projects
                                - Partnering Drishtee Foundation in their ICT projects
                                - Turnover & Customers

ITC was the first Indian company who in 2001 set up an Internet based market information system for Soya, Wheat, Coffee etc farmers which also doubled as a channel for direct procurement of seeds for them without their having to go to the mandis. CSPL partnered them in this venture by providing ITC with a customized UPS for the various e-choupal sites in MP and UP. These UPS could work without fault for an input voltage range from 90 volts to 300 volts. (see picture)

Drishtee Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that uses the network of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to introduce it’s benefits to the millions of villagers living in the remote villages by establishing links in remote and less developed rural areas. ICT centers also known as Information Centers or Information Kiosks are being set by various agencies and organizations. These Centers are the Delivery and linking points for the multi-dimensional benefits- economic and social,  to the population and back for the service providers as well.

Drishtee represents a new method of delivering government and other services to rural villagers. It relies on the empowerment and enterprise of local entrepreneurs supported by a central organization and ICT infrastructure. A secure intranet serves as the technology pipeline through which services are deployed. 

Two hundred hi-tech information and service delivery kiosks have already been established, and this project aims to provide an additional 4,050 electronic kiosks to cater to 16 million people in nearly 9,000 villages by 2007.

Compact partners Drishtee in this attempt by providing the power backup for the equipment running at these electronic Information Kiosks.


Last fiscal year we did business of Rs 8 Crores
We are Registered Kendriya Bhandar Vendors & have numerous Corporate, Educational and Government Customers.


Technical Innovations

    Customized UPS for Specific Customer Requirements

CSPL is well equipped to customize their UPS to suit the specific requirements of the customers. We specialize in making 

  • fault-free functioning UPS under wide input range (90-300 v)
  • UPS which automatically select healthy phase where abnormal power conditions exist
  • Invertors are made on demand ( for certain minimum quantities)


Human Resources

    Inhouse & with Channel Partners  

A team of about 100 highly motivated professionals spread all across the country work continually to take care of customers’ requirements & provide world-class product and service.  

Our channel partners too maintain a strong force of personnel required for smooth operations. A minimum of one marketing executive & two technical executives (a must for every such partner); look after the sales and services of COMPACT UPS in their respective territory. The technical executives recruited by the Channel Partner are engineers in electrical or electronics branch with at least one-year experience in the required field.


 Training And Developement

Sales & Service Training Programmes are frequently conducted for the in-house team and the Channel Executives.  The training focuses on Hands on Experience of
      1.     Trouble Shooting
      2.     Component Replacements.

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